Drive your Chinese business!

#1 Agency for Chinese influencers

As first german agency for Chinese influencers, better known as KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) or Wanghongs, we can target audiences now globally.

#1 Chinese Community

With our Chinese Communication & People Manager based in our branch in Berlin, the understanding of the initially different Chinese social media marketing is more accessible and opens up new possibilities to promote products and influence a brands image. Brands are relying primarily on e-commerce and social media to grow their customer base and influencers are now a part of a companys marketing mix.

The receptiveness to brand recommendations by KOLs or Wanghongs among social media users in China ranked higher than in any other country, especially regarding to premium brands.

Our additional focus on China is of great importance for European brands looking to break into the Chinese market or vice versa.

The People Agency also represents personalities based in Germany but with Chinese heritage - this circle approaches a broader target audience and therefore we are very proud to offer KOLs from China and European based Chinese personalities into our #tpachina #circle.