Our new potential !

TikTok is a pretty big deal

The People Agency works in different core social media channels including TikTok. TikTok is the new advertising opportunity and an essential part of our influencer marketing portfolio.

We focus on matching your business with relevant TikTok creators by discovering your company's current and potential target audiences and bridging the gap between creative, effective influences and performance.

With our in-house TikTok experts, some of them successful TikTok creators themselves, we can help adopting to this constantly growing popular platform. We offer strong creative strategies/content creation and are committed to execute a successful campaign.

Our TikTok experts are in touch with the latest TikTok trends and understand TikTok as an emerging platform and its mass appeal to the younger generation – it's a homeroom for a whole generation.


TikTok workshops with our creators

Content creation

Creative strategy

TikTok advertising

Influencer campaigns for brands on TikTok

TikTok People Management

Offering The People Agency's own channel on TikTok @thepeoplespotter for people and brand collaborations and partnerships