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Caro Schaeffler's foray into modeling, sparked almost serendipitously by Heidi Klum's discovery for Germany’s Next Top Model, has evolved into a flourishing career. Following a viral video and agency approach, Caro's journey in the modeling world has taken her to new heights. With a distinctive style and undeniable versatility, she has become a successful and sought-after model, gracing prestigious runways and participating in numerous high-profile photoshoots.

She is also a content creator with a unique perspective and recognizable style, which has gotten her invited to Milan & Paris Fashion Weeks, and the recognition of brands like Saint Laurent, Dior Beauty, and many others in the luxury space. She’s also an artist and regularly paints in her free time and has also been approached by galleries to sell her art. Something new Caro will be starting out in 2024, is acting, as it’s also been a particular dream of hers, and has some exciting roles in the works.

Artistry, Style, Uniqueness: Journeying through a Fascinating World.

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Artistry, Style, Uniqueness: Journeying through a Fascinating World.

Name Kollage Small

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