Power through People!

The People Agency

In today's diversified PR & communications market, The People Agency represents the junction between PEOPLE and BRANDS. As an influencer marketing agency we scout // consult // position // build and connect on all levels, covering everything from sourcing to executing social media campaigns.

The People Agency has an exceptional cross-industry network, highly valued communication skills and longstanding expertise in creative campaigning.


We are building personalities in order to take them to the next level through 360° communication strategies – from opinion leaders to CEOs, and from influencers to potential talents.

We are a team of storytellers and creators, paving new ways to connect brands and audiences in the most authentic way.

Our name is a symbol of our philosophy: We thrive and tout through People.

Building up PEOPLE:
talents, opinion leader
and personalities

Developing individually tailored people concepts for BRANDS which leave striking impressions on the consumers’ minds

»The most powerful way to place a brand’s message before an interested audience is through a voice they trust.«

The People Space

The People Space is a showroom concept that unites people and brands. In the heart of Berlin, young and upcoming labels as well as big industry players they have an opportunity to present their collections and products while influencers, VIPs and press create content and pass on their messages.


The People Circle

According to our motto Power through People we have created a community within our extended network, our circle #tpacircle. For brands and consumers our circle is the voice to trust. Our circle is hand-picked selected and we promote and emphasize the dialogue with us and their community.


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