Podcaster, entrepreneur, content creator

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Feli undeniably stands out as one of Germany's most remarkable content creators. Her exceptional authenticity and dedicated female following have propelled her to stardom across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and more. Boasting nearly 5.5 million followers and an impressive conversion rate, she has etched out a distinct niche for herself, captivating audiences with her engaging and relatable content. With the release of her podcast, "life is felicious," it achieved immediate success, swiftly rising to the number one spot.

What distinguishes Feli is her genuine and relatable approach. She shares her life with her followers in the manner of a trusted older sister. Her content provides a window into her daily routine, the latest lifestyle and fashion trends, always accompanied by her signature humor. Partners appreciate not only her natural charm but, more significantly, her unwavering authenticity. Going beyond her role as a content creator, Feli has also excelled as an entrepreneur. Her fashion brand, "felicious," speaks to her versatility. Furthermore, an upcoming live podcast tour promises to offer her followers exclusive experiences and content.

Embracing Authenticity to Ignite a World of Inspiration.

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Embracing Authenticity to Ignite a World of Inspiration.

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