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Sex educator and author Gianna Bacio passionately educates online about a wide range of topics related to sex and love. By openly discussing taboos, she has cultivated a continuously growing community, providing valuable support, advice, and inspiration. Gianna has earned her place as one of Germany's most prominent Sexfluencers. Her dedication to destigmatizing conversations around sexuality has positioned her as a trusted voice in the realm of sexual education and awareness.

In 2018, she unveiled her inaugural book, "Hand drauf," followed by "Love Your Sex" in 2022, and the release of "The Sex Talk," an intimate card game, in 2023. Gianna's influence extends beyond the digital realm; she captivates TV audiences through shows such as "Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst" (ARD) and "Babbel Net!" (SWR). Additionally, her 2023 Liveshows and the upcoming Livetour in 2024 underscore her versatility and dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering open conversations about sex and relationships.

Taboos unmasked, love and learn with fearless passion.

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Taboos unmasked, love and learn with fearless passion.

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